The Application of Laser Cutting Machine It is no exaggeration to say that laser cutting has obvious advantages over traditional machining. more Installation steps of laser cutting machine to replace focusing lens Although the focusing lens is a very small spare part, it is one of the core components of the fiber laser cutting machine. As it is called "to move the whole body", its quality will directly affect the efficiency of the fiber laser cutting machine And quality. After a long period of use, if the focusing lens has film loss, dents, scratches and other phenomena, the function of the laser cutting equipment will be greatly reduced. Therefore, if you want to make full use of the function of fiber laser cutting machine, you need to replace the new focusing lens in time. So, how to correctly grasp the method of installing the focusing lens is also very important! more LF-C3015 SERIES ALL designing, producing, selling the mechanical products adopting CNC digital controlling system and laser cutting & engraving machines. Now our Dahan laser cutting and engraving machines can be widely applied to advertisement, gift, leather, clothes, shoemaking, aero-modeling more