DH-X1 Digitcal cutting system

DAHAN intelligent cutting system DH-X1-1625 is mainly designed for sign advertising, printing and packaging industries, etc. It can cut PP paper, PP gum, car stickers, Vinyl, ABS plastic, KT board, etc.

Machine standard equip dual-Z axis with two heads, optional to choose one Z or other heads

The EOT (Electronic oscillating) head, cutting materials by ultra-high speed reciprocating motion driven by motor, especially suitable for medium density material cutting.

Apply to cut advertising KT board, foam board, ABS plastic, corrugated plastic board, cardboard, grey cardboard, silk ring pad, carpet, etc

The UCT (Universal cutting) head, by making the blade quickly moving, realize the material cutting processing, cutting materials at the fastest processing speed. It can cut PP paper, PP gum, reflective materials, car stickers, ABS plastic, thin plastic, blanket, imitation leather, KT board, snow board, cardboard, soft glass and so on.

Machine parameter



Max. working size

1600*2500 mm

Machine dimension

3744*2290*1374 mm (not included the computer desk)

Running speed

108 meter / min

Cutting speed

70 meter/ min

Cutting accuracy

0.1 mm

Max cutting thickness

depends on which tools you choose and what materials you cut 

Data format



Ethernet Port

Working table

Vacuum table  

Vacuum pump  

7.5KW vacuum pump or 2.2KW*2pcs

Working environment

Temperature 0°C-40°C Humidity 20%-80%RH

Working voltage

Machine: 220V,1ph, 50/60HZ;

Vacuum pump: standard 380V,3ph, 7.5KW; optional 2pcs of 220V,1ph, 2.2KW.

Power consumption

Packing size

Need to remove the gantry before packing

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