L1 Big size belt transmission laser cutting machine L1-1325

Widely used in sign advertising, gifts, lighting, architecture modeling, package & printing, textile & garment, ....


Widely used in sign advertising, gifts, lighting, architecture modeling, package & printing, textile & garment, electronic & appliance, aerospace industry, machinery, ship, elevator industry, etc.

Suitable for cutting or engraving organic material/acrylic, double-color PVC, wooden product, bamboo, fabric, leather, paper, and other non-metal materials. 


v  Optional big size, 130*250 CM, 150*300 CM, 200*300 CM, ETC.

v  Includes 150 Watt CO2 laser tube or optional 80W/100W/120W  (Expected life: 10000 hours)

v  Laser software : directly output from CorelDraw or AutoCAD. Works with most graphic programs.

v  All mirrors and focal lenses are from America. Proven 10% beam transmission improvement vs. other cheap optics.

v  Powerful exhaust fan with venting for removing fumes and smoke

v  Air blower powers laser head air-assist to keep laser area clean and cool

v  Standard equips CW5200 water chiller keeps water flowing thru CO2 Tube at ambient temperature.

v  Exhaust fan to keep laser clean and cool (Included in price!)

v  Standard knife Blade platform for cutting and engraving or optional honeycomb platform. 

v  Drawer in machine conveniently collects finished product

v  Taiwan Linear guides promotes smooth & precise laser movement

v  Windows  10, 8, 7 (64 or 32 bit), XP, 2000 compatible

v  Industrial machined components in stock for long term reliability


v  One (1) Full Year Warranty on laser machine and parts, wearing parts or consumption like mirrors, lens, belts are not included. 

Cutting thickness


Machine parameter



Note: Parameters are subject to change. Use our company technical standards as the basis. Final parameters to be solely determined by Beijing Century Dahan Scientific Co., Ltd.


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